From Local Roots to Global Recognition: Advancing Cultural and Heritage Sustainability

Konvensyen Dunia Melayu Dunia

From Local Roots to Global Recognition: Advancing Cultural and Heritage Sustainability | On September 22, 2023, the 21st Konvensyen Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam (KDMDI) took center stage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, shining a bright spotlight on the enduring reputability of national cultures and heritage. 

This international event served as a symbol of national cultural pride and a testament to Malaysia's commitment to enriching its cultural values through its historical journey. The theme of this year's KDMDI, "Empowering the Malay World in an Islamic Atmosphere," aligns perfectly with the vision and mission of Malaysia Heritage Studios (MHS). MHS stands as a key platform that gathers the diverse cultures of Malaysia and pledges to preserve the nation's rich heritage.

Preserving Diversity with Modern Technology

Malaysia Heritage Studios (MHS) was initially established to preserve the incredible diversity of cultures from different ethnic groups within Malaysia. While it remains true to its core mission, MHS has demonstrated its adaptability and strength through the integration of modern technology into its cultural preservation efforts. One remarkable example is the innovative use of mannequin models that come to life when activated by music, effectively showcasing the uniqueness of traditional clothing and apparel.

Moreover, MHS employs digital screens with audio to provide comprehensive information delivery. This cutting-edge approach ensures that visitors not only see but also hear the stories behind each exhibit, creating a more immersive and enriching cultural experience.

Dr. Anir Syazwan Sharbirin, the Operation Director of MHS, highlighted this approach, stating, "The uniqueness of traditional clothing and apparel is presented through mannequin models that will move in circles when the music button is activated. Information delivery is also reflected through digital screens with audio, which can be seen and heard, projecting that information capture is comprehensive."

Edutourism: Merging Education and Tourism

MHS has embraced a holistic approach inspired by the concept of "edutourism," merging two of Malaysia's main driving industries—education and tourism. The dynamism of the tourism industry has allowed MHS to amalgamate educational elements into its offerings, creating a more impactful experience for visitors. This approach goes beyond conventional learning methods, offering visitors the opportunity to not only see but also feel and learn new knowledge about Malaysia's rich heritage.

Dr. Anir Syazwan Sharbirin elaborated on this approach, stating, "The tourism industry is dynamic by nature and can be amalgamated with many other existing industries. With such versatility, we injected an educational element in our efforts to yield more impactful results, especially for visitors. This approach indirectly places MHS as a cultural institution."

Ensuring Authenticity Through Collaboration

MHS places a strong emphasis on the accuracy and authenticity of the information it provides to visitors. To ensure the genuineness of heritage products and informational content, MHS has established collaborative partnerships with local institutions. These collaborations involve rigorous evaluations by experts to verify the accuracy of the information presented, ensuring that visitors are provided with authentic cultural experiences.

Dr. Anir Syazwan Sharbirin further explained, "Apart from that, we also achieved a collective collaboration with local institutions in efforts to verify the genuineness of any facts we documented regarding heritage products and informational content installed in the compound of MHS. This signifies that each information script displayed in written structure has undergone a rigorous evaluation process by experts so that their authenticity is not sacrificed."

Konvensyen Dunia Melayu Dunia

The 21st KDMDI convention held in Cambodia was not just a gathering; it was a trajectory that elevated Malaysia's national culture and heritage to new heights. By embracing modern technology, edutourism, and collaborations with local institutions, Malaysia Heritage Studios (MHS) has positioned itself as a crucial player in preserving and enriching the nation's diverse heritage. 

As Malaysia's cultural values continue to shine on the world stage, MHS remains the centerpoint that gathers and celebrates every constituent of heritage throughout the ages. Through these efforts, MHS ensures that Malaysia's rich cultural heritage is not just preserved but also celebrated and recognized globally for generations to come.

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