MY BEIJING TRIP PART 2 | After a good night rest, my daughter and I got up about 5.30am. The sun was already bright in the sky. We double check our watches and got ready. We had planned to go "climb" the Great Wall of China today and decided on the Great Wall at Mutianyu.

It was an adventure getting there by ourselves on public transport. From our hostel, we took the subway to Dongzhimen and from Dongzhimen, we looked for the bus station which was very nearby to the exit of the subway

We waited for the 916 bus to Huairou. This cost about RMB12 ( Be sure to prepare small change because it is a feeder bus) . When the bus stopped at Huairou, we manage to find a nice driver or was it the driver manage to find us and offer his services at the bus stand. He who took us to Mutianyu for RMB55 (RMB60 before bargaining) but showed us where the ticket counter and told us that he would wait for us . Mutianyu is approximately 45 minutes drive from Huairou

The tickets at the Great Wall of Mutianyu, which included entry to the Great Wall ,shuttle bus to the foot of the hill, the ski chair lift type cable car and also the toboggan ride down the hill for a total of RMB158

Taking the ski chair ride was kind of exciting but also a bit scary! Definitely very memorable, But I do not know if I want to go on it again.It is okay if you look forward and look up but if you look down and if you lift your foot the little barrier locking you in is loosen...yikes !!!

Pro of this place: The Great Wall here at Mutianyu is very peaceful.It is not crowded and there are not too many tourists around. We can see lots of greeneries and take lots of photos, and oh gosh, the weather here was just so lovely. I really expected the weather to be hot , but it was also very breezy. Somewhat like in Genting on a hot day (if you are a fellow Malaysian reading this, you know what I mean) ....

Cons: The steps are pretty steep but I think I went the wrong way..From the "ski" chair lift area, I went towards the right.I think the view and area on the left side is much better.And on the right side, there were lots of steps and they were pretty steep. I truly felt my age climbing the steep steps which had me gasping and even wheezing..

See the gorgeous views...I really like it here.. The view is very fascinating and like the Malay people say.... "sejuk mata memandang"

After getting tired walking up and down two steep areas/ towers, we decided to quit and took the toboggan down. This was both exciting and scary just like the 'ski' chair lift.Scary because you are not allowed to use the brakes and slow down because of fear for the person behind you banging into you and at the same time scared of banging into someone in front.....gulp! My daughter was at the back of me and keep yelling to me to hurry up while I shouted back telling her to slow down and that was scary and funny

When we arrived at the bottom of the hill, We met these two old men who "cheated" us! they pull you in and insist to take pictures with them then after that demanded RMB20 per person.Ah, never mind, I told my daughter to consider it a small donation to them since they are already old.

If you want to buy some souvenirs, the shops here are great.However be sure to know how to BARGAIN as they will try to sell you at a higher price if they can.We bought nice Beijing and Great Wall t shirts for between RMB25 -30, fridge magnets for about RMB10 and Chinese seal (with personal name) for RMB40

We then headed back to Beijing via the same way we came.. the driver who sent us here waited for us patiently and help us get on the next 916 bus back to Dongzhimen. From Dongzhimen, there we headed to the Yonghegong Lama Temple which was just one stop away from the Dongzhimen subway on the same line..

The Yonghegong Lama Temple was an interesting place despite having turned into a temple. The fee inside Yonghegong Lama Temple was RMB25 per person

I love the tree lined walkway to the inner gate which is just so pretty and also shady...

If you like watching Imperial China dramas or learning about Chinese History, you would know that Emperor Kangxi had many sons, and this was the 4th prince's Yinzhen home before he became the Emperor Yongzheng...

My daughter and I did not go inside the temples but walk about outside at the courtyard admiring the buildings, carvings etc...

When we have finished visiting the Yonghegong Lama Temple, we decided to try to do some shopping. We went to Xidan , a shopping area almost like Bukit Bintang but gasp... the malls here are quite high end and everything seem quite expensive.We settled doing a little shopping at the Joy Mall's Watsons, one of the international supermarkets and had a frappucino and a cake at the Starbucks there

Then we took the no. 22 bus back to Xinjiekou because Xidan was just one straight road away from where we were staying... 

Living in the hutong at Xinjiekou area was a bit boring because the shops were not halal and most of it were Chinese shops and such, and since we were there was only two of us,my daughter and I decided not to go out or stay out too late


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