Gua Keris, Kelantan ; Exploring the Enigmatic 'God of Light' Phenomenon

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Exploring the Enigmatic 'God of Light' Phenomenon in Gua Keris, Kelantan: A Natural Wonder Revealed | Gua Keris or Keris Cave (Keris: Malay dagger), dated as far back as 150 million years, nation remarkable geological wonder. It shares its vicinity with neighbouring caves - Gua Ikan (Ikan Cave or Fish Cave), Gua Pagar (Pagar Cave or Gate Cave), and Gua Gelap (Gelap Cave or Dark Cave). 

Gua Keris got its name from erosion of stalactite and stalagmite forming a ‘Keris’ like shape structure, visible to all climbers as it is located at the first level of the cave.

Gua Keris

According to the locals, adjacent to the ‘Keris’ shaped rock, was a place where ‘pertapa’ (meditator) or ‘pendita’ (clergyman or religious leader) meditates. This was due to the presence of a clean area, not to mention a pool where water for ablution (wudu’) is continuously replenished by water dripping from the cave's peak.

Deep within Gua Keris, a distinctive phenomenon known as the 'God of Light' occurs, where sunlight pierces through the cracks in the cave's ceiling, creating mystical-like focused beams.

To access Gua Keris, you must first journey through Gua Pagar as these caves are connected to each other, and upon arriving you will get to see its fascinating limestone forms natural tapestry adorning the cave wall. 

To get here, all you need to do is Waze 'Gua Ikan’ and it will take you to Kuala Gris, Dabong, located in the beautiful state of Kelantan, Malaysia.

Text : Lily Riani

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