SIGHT LINES ENTERTAINMENT, IN COLLABORATION WITH DOUBLE CONFIRM PRODUCTIONS & Civic DISTRICT ALLIANCE PRESENT TIME HEIST: CIVIC DISTRICT From 31 March 2022, embark on Singapore’s first outdoor treasure hunt meets virtual theatre and gameplay to save the cultural treasures of the Civic District.

Sight Lines Entertainment, in collaboration with Double Confirm Productions & Civic District Alliance (CDA), present Time Heist: Civic District, Singapore’s first outdoor treasure hunt meets virtual theatre and gameplay in the city, featuring the five arts & culture icons of the Civic District. Combining treasure hunt mechanics with multi-disciplinary storytelling, the adventure presents the rich stories and historic architecture of Asian Civilisations Museum, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, National Gallery Singapore, The Arts House, and Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall in new light through immersive gamification. Just in time with the easing of regulations and the holidays, ticket sales start from 31 March 2022, and will run till 3 July 2022.

Led by executive producer Derrick Chew and written by award-winning playwright Chong Tze Chien (Sight Lines Entertainment) and starring Hossan Leong (Double Confirm Productions), the interactive format comes to life via a web link accessed through QR codes that players have to hunt for in the Civic District. Readily accessible via the players’ mobile devices, players easily immerse into the world of Time Heist, putting their knowledge and mettle to the test.

For the past few months, the team worked closely with the CDA1 to develop Time Heist with the aim to enhance the awareness of the Civic District and its arts institutions. “The perfect opportunity arose with our forward-thinking partners at CDA with a focus to combine theatre with heritage, and using gaming to bring forth our vision to rethink what an immersive outdoor art experience can be,” shares Chew. “Building on our capabilities, we’re evolving along with our audiences, through market trends, research and audience feedback. We’re excited to bring to life the monuments of the Civic District, which have formed the arts & culture foundation of many Singaporeans, in our own unique way - where online meets on-site.”

Presented with a dossier, Time Heist enlist players as a team hailing from the far future of 2055, tasked with stopping a dastardly heist on Singapore’s treasured national monuments in present day 2022. Fully immersing players in an engaging speculative narrative, the game features live elements and plot twists connected to real world locations as players solve puzzles and complete side quests within the Civic District, all while exploring the rich stories and historic architecture of the precinct.

Presenting Civic District in a new light, Time Heist allows players to reimagine and reinvent their experiences in the Singapore’s arts & culture district. Combining multi-disciplinary storytelling with a live treasure hunt in the district to explore innovative and relevant ways to engage and nurture audiences, the adventure introduces the themes of each arts institution with immersive gamification, complemented and integrated by the many lifestyle establishments located within.

According to the CDA, “Time Heist is one of the first activation programmes as part of our placemaking eorts to develop Civic District as a social destination for the community. We are thrilled to have it unfold at the arts and culture precinct, where its rich history and culture, amenities and attractions, and lush scenery become the stage for our audiences to explore and enjoy.”


Taking on the role as time agents in 2055, the team is beseeched by the Ministry of Time Heritage’s Agency Director (Hossan Leong) to use their skills for good; travel back in time to 2022 to stop a nefarious plan to destroy Singapore’s beloved national monuments in the Civic District.

Players are encouraged to play together as a group, journeying through the precinct as characters personified by: Ching Shu Yi as Mercury - The Fixer, the quirky hacker; Munah Bagharib as a high society diplomat with a talent in forgery, Lady M - The Seeker; Timothy Wan as Ghost - The Codebreaker, the deadly assassin you’ll never see coming; and Bright Ong who lends his charisma to Zero, who leads the way with his brawns as much his brains.

Themed around the various national monuments, be it the legacy of trade routes at Asian Civilisations Museum or the storied history of the clock tower at the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall, teams will have to combine the dierent clues and puzzles on their devices to ultimately stop the dastardly plan.


Anchored by the five arts & culture institutions, Time Heist: Civic District presents a novel way to explore the precinct and its numerous lifestyle oerings. The innovative format draws audiences into the locales’ histories and exhibitions, all to be enjoyed alongside hospitality, F&B and other entertainment establishments in two ways: Standard Tickets (SG$40 for one, SG$50 for two and SG$54 for three) and the Time Heist VIP Package (SG$100/person, minimum 4 pax).

For the Standard Tickets, one ticket will provide access to the adventure via one mobile device; recommended for up to 2 pax to 1 device for the best gameplay experience. Players are encouraged to take part between 10.00am to 5.00PM, with options to take a break at any of the lifestyle oerings within the precinct.

Those wanting to amp up their day out in the Civic District can look forward to the Time Heist VIP Package. The package includes passes to the game, a specially crafted cocktail, Equinox (a buzzy mix of mezcal, bianco martini, lilet and sprinklings of silver dust) or mocktail by Ocial Bar Smoke & Mirrors, and culinary exploration into Peranakan fare with the Time Heist Set Dinner at Ocial F&B Partner National Kitchen by Violet Oon.

Those who want to indulge further can simply flash their tickets to get 10% o at Smoke & Mirrors, including Equinox (U.P. SG$26++ and regular-priced drinks from Monday to Wednesday (reservations required).


Players who successfully complete Time Heist: Civic District will have additional surprises; one Grand Prize Draw and two Giveaways, proudly sponsored by Ocial Hotel Partner, Marina Bay Sands.

The two giveaways will go to the “Best Dressed Group” and “Most Creative Group” respectively, rewarding successful and stylish time agents with a 2D1N stay at the Marina Bay Sands Deluxe Room for two.

For the grand prize, time agents will not only have to save the civic district, but will also need to stand out as the “Best Dressed & Most Creative Group” to win. Doing so, they will be rewarded with a 2D1N luxurious suite stay for four at Marina Bay Sands. The grand prize includes breakfast, dinner at one of its signature restaurants, plus entries to ArtScience Museum and the SkyPark Observation Deck during their stay.

To qualify, players will have to complete Time Heist: Civic District before 3 July 2022, 23:59PM, and must publish their entries via a public Instagram account.


Time Heist: Civic District continues Sight Lines Entertainment's mission to develop new audiences by oering exciting theatrical experiences. This new outdoor immersive format marks an evolution in the company’s entertainment oerings, introducing live experiences in tune with audiences’ evolving demands and tastes.

Having merged various technologies into their productions over the last two years, Sight Lines has incorporated learnings of audiences, and ongoing trends into Time Heist: Civic District. Presenting the adventure in readily-accessible QR codes and web browser-based interactivity, they aim to combine technology with storytelling in an accessible and fuss-free manner for audiences of all ages.

Standard Tickets are priced at SG$40 for one, SG$50 for two and SG$54 for three, and The Time Heist VIP Package is available at SG$100.00/pax (minimum 4 pax) via www.sightlines.com.sg.

This production is supported by the National Arts Council and is part of SG Culture Anywhere, in partnership with Asian Civilisations Museum, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, National Gallery Singapore, The Arts House, and Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall.

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