Melaka, 9th January 2017 – A total of 17 orang asli children and teens headed back to school this year with more confident after receiving brand new school uniforms and shoes from Philea Resort and Spa, Melaka. 

The children were busy trying out the uniforms and shoes, assisted by the shop owner, Gan Siew Gek (first from left).

Last month, the resort launched its Christmas charity project which targeted to raise funds to purchase new school uniforms for the less fortunate children and teens from Rumah Imanuel in Klebang. 

Going back to school can be an exciting time for many children, but some families served by the Rumah Imanuel are unable to even afford basic supplies, let alone school uniforms. Shirts and pants or pinafores cost about RM50 each, a financial hardship for many families. As such, the resort initiated Christmas charity project to fulfill the Christmas wishes for the children and teens. 

Last week, these children and teens were brought out by volunteers to get their new school uniforms at one of the school supplies shops located in Taman Asean, Melaka. The resort even added a pair of school shoes for each of them on top of the school uniforms.

Seeing that look of elation on their faces is priceless!

“Thank you so much for the new school uniforms and shoes. I am deeply touched by the goodwill of the resort and those who sponsored the children and teens, it’s such a great gesture. Hopefully, in the near future, they will be able to give back to the community and help those in need”, commented the volunteer from Ruman Imanuel. 

These children and teens, between six to 17 years old, came from orang asli villages in Pahang and Melaka. Most of them are from poor communities living in poverty such as staying with parents who are unable to provide education for all children or single-parent families struggling to cover the basic needs. These children were then taken onto the educational program under the care of Rumah Imanuel to provide them with basic education. The home currently houses 17 children and teens which six children currently getting into Solid Rock homeschool in Tengkera and the rest are in public schools. The home also depends on charitable donations in order to support the child’s education program in Melaka. 

Speaking about the initiative, Tee Mei Fong, the resort’s Assistant Marcom Manager said, “Christmas comes and goes but education lasts a lifetime. We’ve successfully raised enough funds to purchase new uniforms and shoes for the children in need. We hope that a small gesture like this could help these children focus on their education which is long-term.” 

One for the album: The volunteer; shop owner, Gan Siew Gek (first from right moving left) and Resort’s Assistant Marcom Manager, Tee Mei Fong (back row, first from left) posing with the children and teens from Rumah Imanuel.

“Our greatest objective is to give back to the community and to help those in need. This project made possible with the contribution from both our guests and employees who are kind and generous,” she added.

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