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I guess this is the first English version entry in our blog.This entry dedicated to those who are planning coming to Malaysia. Perhaps this entry might help our local friends too.

Bringing you the 10 Unique Dishes In Malaysia that you should try. You might find them in somewhere else in the world. but the truly taste from the dishes probably will make you fall in love with Malaysia

1. Nasi Lemak

Just say Nasi Lemak, all people in Malaysia will know because this is Malaysian all time favourite. Having a steaming plate of coconut milk rice with spicy and sweetish sambal of anchovies, on the side of plate is crunchy cucumber and some salty peanut.

Credit Picture http://hctv-news.hcc.edu.my/?p=1788
The best thing about our nasi lemak is you can choose the other side of dishes such as crispy fried chicken, 'sambal sotong' and many more. Make sure there are banana leaf pack on your plate to make the aroma of nasi lemak become awesome 

2. Nasi Kandar 

Well, for the second ranking goes to Nasi Kandar. a steaming white rice with mixture of gravy poured directly on the rice. come along with papadom and your favourite dishes.

Credit Picture WenyWonderWhy
Idea where to eat this you can found it anywhere, but the very famous in Malaysia is Nasi Kandar Beratur. Nasi Kandar Line Clear and Nasi Kandar Pelita and Nasi Kandar Vanggey

3. Roti Canai

Roti Canai is a special bread made from flour. Although Roti Canai originated from India but who cares because Roti Canai still in our heart especially when eat it with dhal, sambal and chicken or fish curry. nomnomnom 

4. Teh Tarik

Talk about 1 Malaysia, there's one thing that can unite all, Teh Tarik. A special milk tea being poured from one mug to another mug for a several times. People said to get the 'kick' make sure your mug full with bubble 

5. ABC - Air Batu Campur

Air Batu Campur or ABC is a special dessert by Malaysian people.A finely-shaved ice with mixture of creamy corn, red bean, jelly, evaporated milk, palm sugar and syrup poured directly on the ice. A scope of ice cream on top of it will complete your day 

6. Nasi Ayam 

There's a lot of Nasi Ayam or Chicken Rice can be found in Malaysia. A yellowish steamed rice with grilled chicken, served with soup, sour sauce and soy sauce will make your lunch become perfect.

Credit Picture 30SomethingOnLife
On our list, Nasi Ayam Hainan and Chicken rice ball that you should try

7. Assorted of Kuih

Kuih? What is that? oh ya first and foremost you must know other than nasi lemak we have assorted of kuih. For your information kuih is a type of dessert in Malaysia. Not 1, but more than  1001 type of kuih.

Just say what kind of kuih you want ? You can get it only in Malaysia. Let me give some suggestion.

credit picture PauKeramat
adore something soft like a bun? nah try our Pau Ayam.

Want something sweet ? forget your macaroon because we have our cik mek molek!

8 . Kerabu

Instead of Salad we have our own salad which is kerabu . There's a lot of kerabu that you can eat in Malaysia. spicy , sweet, sour, bitter just name it and they will serve it special for you.

9 .  Pisang Cheese

Say Cheese! Pisang Cheese famous in Malaysia starting 2014. Banana Fritters served with chopped cheese on top of it. Instead of that, creamy milk, brown sugar and chocolate rice come together to complete your cheese day!

10.  Durian / Tempoyak

I know some of you might say ' eww' when Durian come across in your mind. Bear in your mind this king of fruits actually is the best in the world ! Alfred Russel Wallace, a British Naturalist, wrote in 1856 that the flesh of durian was tasted like custard flavored with almond. Yes! absolutely true !!

By Mat Remos

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  1. Ooooo....durian. Akak kalau travel,boleh meroyan semata-mata nak makan durian negara orang.