Top Hong Kong’s Luckiest Spots to Visit in the Year of the Rabbit

Top Hong Kong’s Luckiest Spots to Visit in the Year of the Rabbit | Now that Asia’s World City is ready to welcome international visitors again, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year in true Hong Kong style. After all, nowhere blends time-honoured CNY traditions with modern energy quite like this buzzing metropolis. In honour of the Year of the Rabbit, here are five of Hong Kong’s most fortuitous experiences to fill your year with good luck, health and prosperity.

1. Take Instagrammable Photos with the ‘Lucky Rabbit’

Fortune Around Hong Kong
Four major waterfront checkpoints featuring the Lucky Rabbit located in both sides of the Victoria Harbour.

As the traditional colour of CNY, red is believed to boost one’s fortune! Don a new lucky red T-shirt, a red cheongsam dress or a Tang suit, then head to Hong Kong’s festive displays to take epic shots for the Year of Rabbit.

Brought to you by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, a series of dazzling CNY checkpoints have transformed the harbourfront. For starters, a giant Lucky Rabbit is making its debut on the roof of the Central Pier. Visitors will also discover more hoppin’ displays – each with mesmerising themes, lights, music, and interactive elements – at Admiralty’s Tamar Park, the Wan Chai Temporary Promenade and Tsim Sha Tsui’s Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Fortune Around Hong Kong
19 Jan – 5 Feb 2023 | Across Victoria Harbourfront

2. Hop On Auspicious Harbour Tours

Dukling decorated with CNY elements
Lucky Rabbit rides the Star Ferry
On the first day of CNY, it’s customary to usher in luck and prosperity by spending time outdoors. Visitors can embrace the tradition with a scenic Victoria Harbour cruise aboard a historic Star Ferry. Along the way, try to catch the Lucky Rabbit hiding on the ferry! Accrue more good fortune by exploring the CNY-themed harbourfront checkpoints in different ways, like a sightseeing tour on the antique Dukling junk boat or a pedal-boating adventure at the Wan Chai Water Sports and Recreation Precinct.

3. Experience Unique Hong Kong CNY Traditions

Chinese New Year Flower Market
Chinese New Year Raceday
Stock Image: Hong Kong Jockey Club
Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival
Stock Image: Lam Tsuen Rural Committee Office
The Year of the Rabbit marks the return of many authentic Hong Kong CNY customs for visitors to enjoy! Among the must-try experiences, head to the Chinese New Year flower markets for festive shopping and take in good fortune as blooms signify wealth in Chinese culture.

Besides, stock up on luck at the CNY Raceday in Sha Tin, where epic horseraces, lion dance performances and holiday décor await. The energised activity can definitely bring you a lucky start of the year with full power!

The Hong Kong Well-Wishing Festival in Lam Tsuen is another age-old CNY tradition. Simply jot down wishes on a notecard, tie it to a mandarin and toss it into a legendary tree. If the fruit catches a branch, the wishes may come true.

Chinese New Year Flower Market
16–22 Jan 2023 | 15 locations across Hong Kong

Chinese New Year Raceday
24 Jan 2023 | Sha Tin Racecourse

Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival
22 Jan – 5 Feb 2023 | Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree, Tai Po

4. Indulge in Classic Dishes with Modern Twists

Omni Kinder Festive Poon Choi
Image: Green Common
New Year Prosperity (left) & New Year Fortune (right) Ice Cream Cake
Image: Häagen-Dazs
A time for connection, Chinese New Year brings families together over delicious meals symbolising longevity, fortune and wealth. Year after year, Hong Kong restaurants reinvigorate traditional CNY dishes with fresh ideas.

This year, Green Common has reinvented poon choi (or “prosperity stew” made with meat, seafood and veggies) using only plant-based meat alongside vegetarian ingredients. Meanwhile, Häagen-Dazs has transformed traditional nin gou (a sticky rice cake representing prosperity) into a CNY ice cream cake, which also comes with another option of Chinese candy box (named chuen hup in Cantonese meaning togetherness and perfection).

5. Give Creative Gifts of Good Fortune

Mandarin Mochi Bun (left) & Prosperous Lion Dance Gift Box (right)
Image: Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel
Year of The Rabbit Fondant Cookies Set
Image: The Cakery
Throughout CNY, Hong Kong people bring gifts to family gatherings to spread goodwill and fortune with loved ones. Putting a spin on tradition, Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel bakery has crafted mochi buns in the shape of mandarins – a symbol of good fortune – alongside gift box brimming with sweet delicacies, which features a centrepiece decoration of cute rabbit performing lion dance. On the other hand, The Cakery is whipping up adorable rabbit-themed fondant cookies that are perfect for CNY.

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